Thursday, January 29, 2009

Austin Carr Missing

BRANCHTOWN, NJ -- Hi. I'm The Famous Author, Austin's boss, and I thought I'd better sign in today and...uh, guest blog for my character. Truth is, I haven't seen or talked to Austin since Monday.

Shortly after his Wikipedia-lifted piece on redhead Sarah M. posted, he received a phone call from Canada, then said he was going out for coffee. No one here has seen him since.

I can't believe he got a call from Sarah M. and he flew off to see her or something. Why would a big star like her go for a second-rate stockbroker from New Jersey? And a fictional one at that? Doesn't make sense. That was the rumor around the office yesterday and today, but I'm not buying it. Millions of people live in Canada. Just because Austin got a call from Canada, doesn't mean it was Sarah.

So what to blog about? Hmm. You know, I never went for this blogging idea. Seems like a tremendous diversion of resources, Young people may equate resources with cash, savings, investment. But at a certain age you realize the only resource you have is time. YOUR time.

I sure hope Austin comes back soon.

-- TFA

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