Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Redhead of the Week

Murphy G, a chocolate Labrador Retriever soon to be ten years old, reminds me a lot of The Famous Author. A fine hound in most respects, the old boy has always been lazy, and, as all his friends and family know, smells like garbage.

Murphball, as he's called, stunk like Hell on the day of his arrival. TFA figured the dog was only ten weeks old, probably got urinated on a lot in the litter, and the breeders hadn't bothered cleaning everyone up. But after three baths that first day, nothing changed. TFA hoped maybe Murphy's hair had to grow out, or something.

Never happened. And then came this odd, cheesy mist around him. A condition soon traced to his ears.

"You have to keep his ears clean," the vet said. "Wash them first with this stuff, then dry them off and scrape out what wax you can with a paper towel. Then you put this ointment on."

"What's the matter with him?" TFA said.

"Nothing, really. It's a condition many chocolate Labs have. Think of them as a very pale redhead. Their skin is extremely sensitive to the environment. Irritation, redness, infection are pretty much chronic."

"The smell too?"

"Oh yeah."

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corkface said...

That;s a fine looking hound!