Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Sex

On this, the last day of 2008, we look back on a just a few highlights.

NUMBER ONE MARKETING GIMMICK has to be the above headline, which The Famous Author and I came up with late one night over Wild Turkey and one of those orange packs of Pall Malls. We used it to describe a totally irrelevant column for the Big Money World Tour series and soared to the top of Publishers Marketplace page-hit leaders and stayed all week. TFA and I are betting it works again. It HAS to draw more hits than something like 2008 Highlights.

NUMBER ONE WRITING EXPERIENCE was easily my January trip to St. Petersburg, FL. I studied during the day with Dennis Lehane, then discussed manuscripts at night with Future Stars of the writing world. Click on the headline NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO SEX to see the first of that series and the Best Smile of 2008 on Melissa. Here's a taste of what I blogged back in January.

I told The Famous Author we were all sick of hearing about Dennis what's-his-name.

What about those writers he retreated with on the beach in St. Petersburg while the college literary workshop was going on? Lorin, Kim, Brenda, Melissa, Jason? Wasn't TFA bragging like heck about them on the flight home, telling the young stewardess that his just-concluded, sandy swaree' included many future publishing stars; that one day, like Paris in the 1920s, St. Pete Beach would be famous for this single, amazing gathering of writing talent.

"That's actually when they cut off my liquor," TFA said last night. "But that has no reflections on my expectations for this group."

NUMBER ONE NEW REDHEAD was a tough choice, but I'm going with Isla Fisher. Here's what I said earlier this year:

"For starters, Isla starred with Vince Vaughn in the hit movie Wedding Crashers, and you know Vince is TFA's Number One pick for the movie version of any Austin Carr adventure. And then, these interesting stats: Born in 1976. The lady's been around a while, has some experience. Also, she appeared in Australian TV commercials at age nine, so you know she's a looker, on camera and off. But here's the clincher. I mean, where has she been hiding? Isla Fisher has published two best-selling Australian novels, SEDUCED BY FAME and BEWITCHED.

The woman is a writer, too.

Some redheads can be too much of a challenge.

Thanks for the tip, Jason"

Oddly enough, we hear Jason, one of the Future Stars who gathered in St. Pete, is suddenly spending a lot of time in Australia. With a redhead. Could it be?

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