Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Exclusive from Rome

When The Famous Author and I were invited to the Emergency World Financial Conference in Rome this week, we thought it was a joke. Why would the greatest financial minds in the world want to hear from TFA? Well, it wasn't me or my boss they wanted. It was CORKFACE, the man who predicted the current collapse.

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Guess they thought our pal wouldn't come unless they invited us, too.

Anyway, at the first day of meetings, Corkface delivered his paper on "Why the World Needs a Fed-Backed 5% Mortgage," and the reaction was immediate. Why didn't we think of that? Who is this guy? Why didn't we listen to him last year?

Don't be surprised if early next week, the U.S. guarantees all home mortgages. You'll have Corkface and Rome to thank.

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