Saturday, November 15, 2008

Economic Community Stunned

ROME, Nov. 15 -- In his wrap-up speech to top economists and politicians on the steps of the Roman Forum today, our own Corkface modified the words of Mark Anthony to describe the next twelve months as an economic disaster of historic proportions.

"Friends, Romans, and stock market investors, lend me your ears. We come to bury the U.S. economy, not to praise it."

To illustrate, Corkface threw all his stock certificates in the Trevi Fountain.

Once again, Corkface called for a 5% universal mortgage, backed by the U.S. government.

And once again, he ate spaghetti alle bolognese for lunch.

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corkface said...

Jet lag is still in my mind but I want to add to the %5 mortgage request to the suits in Washington.
We must first rebuild the capital markets before we can get this mortgage proposal out to the Obama masses. We discussed this in detail about the socialist gov't we our forming and how US gov't will have to own everything down the line. In two years, the US gov't spins everything off to the public re-creating the wall street community again.
We will call it Buttonwood II 2012.
The real truth is we need to take these Credit default swaps which were suppose to be insurance against debt default and tear them up and start all over. This is coming my friend. It is the only way to clear the deck of the "gaming contracts". We discussed the number of these casino plays to be between 30 and 50 TRILLION. Yes I said TRILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Gov't tenders all of the bolognese for 20 cents on the dollar and we start all over again. The US gov't takes the 20 cents from the taxspayer,again, and put all of that milanese and puts it into a RTC type account. In 2 years when they spin all of the companies that they took over in 2008 and 2009 and recreates wall street they can sell this pasta cheech to the casino player to trade in the form of zero coupon bonds. It worked this way before. Ask the TFA.
If we don't do something radical here then we will look like Japanese for the last 15 years, except they know how to make cars and make money doing it!!!!!
I'm out. DECK is a teenager soon.