Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Queen of Suspense

Born Patricia, nicknamed Trish, then renamed by a publisher's marketing department, T.J. MacGregor has written 28 novels, including two different series – the Quin. St. James/Mike McCleary and the Tango Key series - and four stand-alone thrillers -The Seventh Sense, Vanished, The Other Extreme, and Out of Sight, which won the Edgar Allan Poe award for Best Paperback Original of 2002.

The Famous Author met Trish about eight years and fourteen T.J. MacGregor novels ago. She is a powerhouse writer and teacher. Her paranormal mystery and detective stories grab you quick and don't let go. Trish's personal conversations also lean toward the occult, probably because she's written 15 nonfiction books on astrology, the tarot, dreams, and yoga. In 2003, with the death of renown astrologer Sydney Omarr, Trish took over the writing of his astrology books.

Trish's most recent books, Kill Time (October 2007) and the sequel, Running Time (November 2008) are time travel novels. Click on the headline above, THE QUEEN OF SUSPENSE, to see today's Rap Sheet post mentioning T.J.

And for all you struggling writers, those yet-to-be-published authors out there, please read what Trish has to say on her Tango Key home page:

For years, my writing was confined to nights and weekends and whatever free time I could steal from my day job. I wrote five novels, all of which were rejected, and finally found the right voice with my sixth novel, IN SHADOW. It was set in Miami, involved a designer drug that enhanced telepathy, and featured a white and black cop who were investigating a series of murders.

The book was rejected twenty four times before Ballantine bought it in September 1984 the Monday after the premier of Miami Vice. My editor admitted that he decided to buy the book after seeing the first episode of Vice. Timing, passion, and a relentless belief in yourself are crucial to success in any field, but particularly in writing. Never give up!

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