Monday, October 27, 2008

New Novel from Sandra Ruttan

In the aftermath of the case that reunited them, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constables Hart and Tain find themselves standing over the body of a murdered child, just days before Christmas.

When the brother of the victim identifies his older sister as the killer, and the parents receive a ransom demand for the safe return of their daughter, Hart and Tain must investigate the family and their business contacts to uncover what really happened and bring the missing girl home.

"Ruttan is Ian Rankin with ovaries."
- Jen Jordan, Crimespree Magazine

"The Frailty of Flesh is not only one of the best procedural thrillers I've read in a long time... but the ending knocked me right out of my seat."
- Crime Scene Scotland

"The Frailty of Flesh raises difficult questions and shuns easy answers. Sandra Ruttan writes with passion and honesty about every parent’s worst nightmare and the result is an emotionally wrenching experience."
- Sean Chercover, Shamus Award-Winning author of Big City, Bad Blood

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