Friday, October 31, 2008

BIG MONEY, Chapter 63

Pressing his back against the wall, Max slides down on his haunches to wedge himself into a dark corner. Make himself as small as possible; hard to see, but coiled and ready. Max is able to jump out quickly like a spider.

Max takes three long, slow, deep breaths, trying to clear his mind of thoughts. He may have to hold this uncomfortable position for many hours, maybe all night. Is best to relax.

When he first started working for Bluefish, Max used a more direct manner. He would walk right up to the mark, tell him his time was up, or maybe knock the man down first, then talk. Most of the time, the mark would let Max do whatever Max was supposed to do. Beat the mark up, break a bone.But sometimes the mark would run, and Max hated those chases. Max is too big to run fast for long, plus things always seemed to get in his way. Couches. Cars. Other people. By the time he caught the mark, Max was usually too pissed to hold back. Twice he killed the mark when he was not supposed to. Also, once or twice, maybe three times now counting that Mexican bartender, the mark actually got away.

Make Max look bad.

Max takes another series of long, slow, deep breaths. His body relaxes, gravity working him even lower into the corner. Experience has taught Max to hide and relax. Guarantee himself the element of surprise, make his first move very strong. Get your hands on him before mark knows he’s not alone.

And once Max got his hands on someone...

Who's the naked lady with the shotgun? Find out next week.

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