Sunday, August 3, 2008

They Thought He Was Superman

When The Famous Author was growing up in Alhambra, California, living in a small tract home not 500 yards from the Crawford's Market where they shot and killed The Man from Mars during a hold-up, all the kids on his block thought TFA's Dad was Superman. No kidding. He was a reporter for a large metropolitan daily. He looked liked a nerd with those glasses and the businessman's haircut. He had a son who told everybody he WAS Superman.

George W. Getze was not Superman. No, his only claims to fame are the original news story revealing and detailing a new earthquake measurement system by some guy at Cal Tech--oh, yeah, Charles Richter--and the fact that Pop shared this Los Angeles Mirror cityroom with Jim Thompson, cult hero and noir novelist of the 1950s. Pop didn't like him much. He told TFA that JT was usually drunk and unable to help with the rewrite load.

One more tidbit: This photo was taken around 1949-1950 for the inhouse, employee newsletter. Some smartass photog pinned the calendar girl on the wall behind TFA's Pop when he wasn't looking. Or at least that was Pop's story.

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