Monday, August 11, 2008

He Turns to the Darkside

He didn't seem like a bad guy when we met him. Neither did his protagonist, John Ceepak.

Sure John's a ramrod straight kind of guy. Never tells a lie. Returns the change when the clerk miscounts. Not a typical friend of your average, morally challenged stockbroker. But at least you know where you stand with John, and he does like a good laugh once and a while.

So, anyway, we wondered why John and his author, Chris Grabenstein, have suddenly turned dark.

Here's the old look from his old publisher. Purple, pink, and lime green. Not too scary, huh? We know one mystery book store owner who missed out on this highly acclaimed mystery series for the first book or two because he thought the covers were, uh..well, they looked like chick lit.

(That guy caught on quick, however. Chris's first book won an Anthony and, more important, they sell like blueberrie pancakes.)

But now Chris is with St. Martins, and his new publisher thinks Chris's covers ought to look different. Dark, baby. Black and scary. Here's the latest, now available at every bookstore in America.

Whatever cover they put on Chris's stories, they are sure fun to read. He even gives you clues...

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