Friday, August 1, 2008

Does Book PR Ever Work?

I'm a professional salesman, but even I have trouble sometimes believing in book signings and radio appearances. I mean, if you're brand new like The Famous Author, who really cares if you're coming to town, appearing at the book store, or answering silly questions about your book on the radio? No one, that's who. All the mystery fans are waiting for Robert Crais, Lee Child, or maybe--just maybe--new authors like Rosemary Harris or Marcus Sakey.

But TFA? I don't think so. Perhaps if his mother was still alive...

Our recent trip to Texas, however, is beginning to change our fictional mind. Even TFA's. It seems there have been some minor, anecdotal results of our whirlwind, six-day tour of the Houston and Dallas areas, the radio and TV spots we did all over the state. Within the last two weeks, three Texas book clubs have requested our book, TFA has received a handful of personal emails and letters from new readers in Texas, and several strangers from the Lone Star state have requested TFA's friendship on Facebook.

Is this hard evidence of promotional results? Our PR lady, PJ Nunn (click on the headline) thinks so. PJ says these radio spots and booksignings pay off--IF you work smartly at it, IF you stick with it, month after month, and IF your books are really any good.

Now there's a big if.

Find out for yourself tomorrow when I publish chapter 52 of BIG MONEY.

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Anthony James Barnett - author said...

Nice idea. Well done. Will make readers want to read more.