Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Redhead of the Week

Voted The Girl I'd Most Like to Put Me in Handcuffs, TV-cop Alicia Witt was discovered by David Lynch when she appeared on the television show That's Incredible! in 1980, where she recited Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. He cast her in the movie Dune (1984), where she turned eight during filming.

She was home schooled by her parents, and studied piano at Boston University, winning several national and international classical piano competitions. She can tinkle my keys, if she wants.

At age 14, Witt earned her high school diploma. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Hollywood with her mother to pursue an acting career. Soon, Lynch, to whom she refers as a mentor, created the role of Gersten Hayward especially for her in his successful series Twin Peaks.

This redhead supported herself out there by playing piano at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

As Detective Nola Falacci on Law and Order, Criminal Intent, Alicia can be cold and calculating in her investigation methods. No one – not even authority figures in the criminal justice world – intimidates her. No one is outside the possibility of being marked as a suspect.

Thanks Alicia, Wikipedia, and David (I can spot'em!) Lynch.


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed Alicia DeWitt ever since I spotted her on a sitcom Cybil Shepard did in the nineties. She was the obnoxious teenager to Cybil's single mother. Funny show.

Alicia is also good in Two Weeks Notice, with the ever-adorable Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock.

She is a great actress, in addition to having red hair :-P

Jack Getze said...

Great actresses area a dime a dozen. We like great redheaded actresses.