Sunday, July 13, 2008

NYC Traffic Tie-Up Expected

Manhattan girds its loins for a big celebrity visit next week. Traffic lanes are being revised. Police schedules blossom with planned overtime. Garbage pickups have been postponed along the proposed entry and exit routes.

That's right, The Famous Author and I are coming to Manhattan.

What did you think? Brad Pitt and what's her name? Obama's ex-reverend? Well, not exactly. In fact, I may have slightly exaggerated New York City's preparations. But TFA and I are in fact coming to Manhattan next Tuesday night, TFA giving up his annual night in front of the tube for baseball's all-star game to moderate a panel on humorous mysteries. We'll be representing the New York City Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America.

The New York Library's Mid Manhattan branch is the scene of the crime. Check us out if you're in the neighborhood of 40th Street and 5th Avenue at 6:30 pm Tuesday. If TFA says I'm not with him, make him open his computer case and he'll give you a free T-shirt.

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