Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It Happened One Knife

This week is launch time for this second mystery novel in the Double Feature series, written by Jeffrey Cohen and starring Elliot Freed, a divorced guy who buys an ancient, one-screen movie theatre in central New Jersey.

The Famous Author asked me to plug the book, probably because he's trying to kiss up to Cohen, a very successful author of humorous New Jersey mysteries (just like you know who). Me, I decided to highlight the book today because I've spent some alone time with Elliot Freed, and let me tell you, he's a very funny guy.

I really think you should buy this book. For one thing, it's cheaper than two Quarterpounders, fries, and a shake.

So, in IT HAPPENED ONE KNIFE, my buddy Elliot Freed is beyond happy when legendary comics Lillis & Townes appear at his newly refurbished, all-comedy theater. But when insinuations arise that the duo were involved in a decades-old Hollywood murder, Elliot sets out to prove the rumors wrong.

I promise you one thing. Elliot will make you laugh. I mean look at the author...Jeff Cohen (far right).

Click on the headline for Jeff's Website.

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