Monday, July 21, 2008


I felt a WHOLE lot better about my future while The Famous Author worked on BIG MOJO. Even during the rewrites, there I was, talking and having adventures on the page every day, wedged into TFA's brain like a bad habit.

But suddenly, The Boss is gone.

An old fashion summer vacation, he says. Stretched out on the beach. Jumping the waves when the sun gets too hot. But there's something TFA isn't telling me. I'm sure of it. He's been scratching notes with a pen and paper. I can hear him writing every early morning, as always, but---gulp!---the story must not involve me. I am not being consulted, thrown situations for my reaction. Seriously, this can only mean one thing:

TFA is working with another protagonist.

Oh, gosh, I hope it's not serious. Just a fling, maybe even a one-night stand. I can take his infidelity. As long as he comes home. Writes about ME again.

Oh, gosh.

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