Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bonus Redhead This Week

Meet Tammy Jo Trask, or at least how the artists at Berkeley Prime Crime see her. Tammy Jo is the Would-Be Witch of the title, and a hot number due to break into the world of fiction this coming February. The debut author, Kimberly Frost, is pretty cute, too, but she's a human. Me, I'm partial to my own kind--characters--plus we've already run a shot of Kim.

Kimberly attended last winter's now infamous "Fiesta de Fiction" in St. Petersburg, that all star lineup of future writing stars assembled by TFA himself. Like TFA, Kimberly is also a familiar face at Writers Retreat Workshop in Kentucky, and back in May, helped TFA brave the wilds of downtown Houston for some Chinese Food.

Congratulations, Kim. TFA is very proud of you. And I kind of like what you've created, too. Especially that red hair.

Click on the headline to see Kim's blog.

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