Sunday, June 8, 2008

Writers Write. Then They Pitch...

There's a sweet little bookstore near Pittsburgh, called Mystery Lovers Bookshop, and every year they throw this party. Authors stand behind stacks of their books and sign autographs for buyers, most of the money going to a local charity promoting literacy. Several hundred mystery fans show up. There's a cash bar. Authors exchange all kinds of information while they wait to make their next pitch.

"Stand up or sit down? What do you think?" a first-time author says.

"Stand up, definitely," one author says.

My boss, The Famous Author, agrees. "They taught us selling bonds that you have more energy, more enthusiasm, when you're on your feet."

Truth is, TFA is getting better as a salesman, on his feet and in his chair. Eighteen months on the road has taught him something. Also, the new pitch I gave him seems to be getting a much bigger percentage of smiles. "My stockbroker from New Jersey doesn't SOLVE crimes," TFA says now. "He kinda IS the crime."

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Rick Bylina said...

Austin Carr: Crime Broker