Thursday, June 5, 2008

Black Dahlia Stories

On our way home from San Diego, Orange County, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Francisco, The Famous Author and I read about 120 pages of Mr. Ellroy's justly acclaimed work, The Black Dahlia. We had avoided this novel because TFA's father--a rewrite man for The Los Angeles Mirror at the time of the murder--always said Elizabeth Ann Short's past had been kept from the public, that everything written about the sensationalized case was crap.

TFA picked up Ellroy's The Black Dahlia at his son's house. Immediately engaged by the professional boxer-turned-cop protagonist, and his rivalry and partnership with another pro boxer, my boss and I soon found out that James Ellroy got it right. TFA's father's kind of right. The attractive young woman lived a very dangerous life.

The investigation and personal stuff grips us. We can't wait to finish.

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