Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Thumbs Up

Many exciting things happened to The Famous Author and me on our recent trip to Caliornia--saki and sushi, that pigtailed waitress, the Giant ballgame--but none topped a recommendation we received from Uncle Dick about another author.

Besides being a character, and my boss a writer, both TFA and I are pretty big readers, too.

And that's why, when we were in San Francisco, TFA and I decided to have lunch with Uncle Dick. He's not really an uncle, but he's a friend of TFA's oldest son, and an avid mystery and crime reader. More important, it was Uncle Dick who told us to try Robert Crais four years ago. Wow. Best recommendation since TFA's brother gave us Elmore Leonard in the 1980s.

"I wanted to thank you for recommending Robert Crais to me," TFA said to Uncle Dick.

"Glad you liked him. That'll cost you lunch."

"Well worth it, Dick. Got any more writers I might like?"

"Can't think of his name, but he writes about a hitman named Rain."

"Oh, that's Barry Eisler. I've seen his stuff all over. He's very popular."

"There's a reason, dude. Try one. You'll love it."

Ok, TFA and I will. We have a summer break coming, many days scheduled for the beach, and we are going to catch up on some reading, starting with Barry Eisler.

Anyone else out there read these Rain books? What did you think?

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