Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beefed Up Rear End

Ok, ladies, what are we looking at below? Can any of you guess? Hint: You and hubby are coming home from a late night out (when you were young, remember?), there's a noise and the car stops. This is what your husband sees when he crawls under the car to check out the problem.

That shiny round thing is called a differential. It has gears in it that turn driveshaft rotations into turning wheels. Or at least when things are working right.

What are those red thingies? Two, very special shock absorbers and one big, electric fuel pump that can feed what makes this puppy go.

There is a big engine going in this old Oldsmobile. It would rip out the standard rear end.

And why should you care what cars look like underneath? Well, you shouldn't actually. In fact, the only reason I ran this picture was because, the last time I ran car photos, the Crimes of Austin Carr had a record 91 hits.

Who knew you people liked powerful automobiles?

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