Thursday, May 8, 2008

Redheaded Writer Arouses Raves

In Pittsburgh 10 days ago, The Famous Author dispensed (a few) books and signatures at a table next to Susan Goodwill, author of the Kate London Mystery Series. Her latest is LITTLE SHOP OF MURDERS, and they were going like biscuits and butter at The Festival of Mystery. I was on the floor, in TFA's computer case right behind them, and I heard fan after fan say to Susan, "We loved the first one (BRIGADOOM) and can't wait to read this new one."

Susan seemed to take things in stride. TFA would have been squealing like a stuck pig. You should have seen him when some lady bought two of his books. He hugged her until the police came.

But anyway, I thought Susan's new book (shown here in all its yellow-covered glory) deserved some more attention, especially since Susan's a redhead.

Here's publisher Midnight Ink's blurb:

When Walter, a bathrobe-clad octogenarian, robs the bank using a concealed banana as the hold-up weapon, Kate and Aunt Kitty speed after him in Kitty’s mammoth 1974 Eldorado convertible. But instead of retrieving their cold hard box office cash, they find a still-warm dead body, much to the consternation of a sexy law enforcement official who happens to be Kate’s current person of interest in the boyfriend department. Things go from bad to worse when Kate’s ex-flame from the Treasury Department and a quart-low biker gang—the Devil’s Cheerleaders—get involved in the mayhem.

Laughs, romance, and suspense. Susan's got it all. And her books aren't bad either.


Susan Goodwill said...

Thank you, Famous Author. Adventures in the wilds of Pittsburgh were great, but after reading the opening of Big Money, THAT's the adventure I want to know about.
I had to fight my way through the Mystery Lovers Festival throngs to get to TFA, but I maanaged to get my signed copy. If it's anywhere near as good as Big Numbers, it'll be a wild and woolly ride!

Austin Carr said...

Egads, what a BSer, Susan. Throngs to get to TFA? And how about that drive home? Pittsburgh by way of Cleveland. Your significant other must have thought TFA kidnapped you.