Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hot Rods of SoCal

We visited The Famous Author's friends earlier this week, and I must say, TFA's old high school racing chums surprised me. Not only haven't THEY changed, their racing machines haven't either. Giant new engines in rickity, 40-year-old cars. We saw no redheads. No one talked much about crime fiction or stock tips. But man, oh, man, did we have fun.

We went for a fast ride in Tim's 2002 Corvette.

We went for a more powerful ride in Tim's 65 Chevy Chevelle. I forgot the engine's cubic inches and horsepower. More than 500, less than a thousand. It felt like we were riding a freight train.

Then we went over to Dickly's garage. He's building a '65 Olds 442 with a super charged, 600 cubic inch, aluminum engine built to duplicate the standard steel version. He has to spend thousands beefing up the rear-end and the suspension with special shocks, struts, and all kinds of doo-dads to keep the engine from ripping the car apart.

"So where are you going to race this puppy?" TFA asked Dickly. "They're aren't any drag strips left in Southern California."

"The WalMart parking lot. After midnight."

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