Sunday, May 18, 2008

Drive 11 Hours, Sell 8 Books

At this rate, The Famous Author could be a bestseller in the year 2067, although I have to tell you, the mileage is tough. Even riding in a computer case on the back seat. I don't how the old geez does it, handling that Toyota through state after state.

It's a good thing his PR lady doesn't know any store owners in Nome.

We drove from Central New Jersey to the Providence, RI area yesterday, did two bookstore signings, and then drove home in the evening. In total, a 16-hour day. Two hours per book sold.

"It's worth it," TFA says today over Blue Mountain Hawaiian coffee. "Eight new readers is big."

When I scoff, TFA reminds me that he, the author, can always change characters, genres, even names. My life depends on the Austin Carr Mystery Series.

Gulp. Think I'll put a shot of tequila is this coffee.

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