Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sunset & Vine

While it's true that not a single person in Los Angeles remembers him, The Famous Author was actually raised there, went to grammar school, high school, and junior college there, wrote thirteen years for two major newspapers with a combined circulation (at the time) of more than 1.5 million people daily, and to this moment, still owns an Alhambra municipal record for the 30-yard dash.

How quickly they forget, huh? I remember when they were talking about statues.

Well, anyway, TFA and I are headed back to Los Angeles this week, and while the bands won't be outside playing, and his old chums won't be throwing a party, his ex-wives WILL BE dialing their attorneys, and TFA and I are going to have some big fun anyway. Come on out and see us!

Help us answer Time's ageless question: Does Lucy's still make the best red chili burrito?

On Saturday, May 24, 2 to 4 pm, TFA and I will be at Book'em Mysteries in South Pasadena, not two miles from the scene of the local power company's infamous 1963 soap suds disaster. TFA says he took no part of that closure of Fair Oaks Blvd. for a day. Someone poured a 10-pound box of Tide in the power company's giant water fountain. Can you believe it?

On Sunday, May 25, TFA and I will be in Whittier, signing books at the Little Old Bookshop on Greenleaf Ave. Figure 1-3 pm Sunday afternoon, but we could make a sidetrip to the Nixon Museum. We've always wanted to pet the former President's stuffed dog Checkers.

And one week from today, Wednesday, May 28, TFA and I will sign books and greet the stars at Sunset and Vine, the big Borders Store at that famous corner of Tinseltown. 1501 Vine Street. Starting at 2 pm, we could go all night if Brad Pitt and Oprah show up like they promised. Or maybe I'll be discovered by some big director, say Randall Wallace,

Phone numbers and more details are clickable, hiding beneath the "Come See Us Near You, Our Very Latest Travel Schedule" headline in the righthand column. I'm trying to put up the Wednesday Borders info now, as it was a last minute favor to Brad and Ops.

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