Saturday, April 12, 2008

TFA's Local Warehouse

Book signings are a hit and miss operation for the big names in crime and mystery fiction, but for writers like The Famous Author and characters like me--new, unknown, hungry for readers--book store events appear on our schedule like trips to the dentist. Anticipated with fear.

We've had two book signings at the Borders store pictured here. It's located in the Monmouth Mall at the intersection of Highways 35 and 36 in Eatontown. Neither event was a roaring success, due at least in some part to a serious lack of communication between author and store. The first signing, around Christmas, TFA and I had lots of foot traffic and a glib tongue that day, but we ran out of paperbacks and had to sell the hardcovers. Tough job selling $30 books at full price while Steven King, Lee Child, and Janet Evanovitch are going for 30% off in the same store.

The second signing, last week, was supposed to feature my new adventure, BIG MONEY, but the books didn't come in time and we had to sell BIG NUMBERS. Hard to believe, I know, but everybody in the mall that day had already read the first one.

As a result, and the reason I'm blogging today about these nice people at Borders in the mall, this one little store in Eatontown, NJ has enough copies of BIG NUMBERS on their shelves to entertain the Army. Hardcovers and paperback decorate The Famous Author's section like a birthday cake. I'd hate to think this nice store is going to get stuck with them.

If any of you nice local Jersey types out there needs a copy of BIG NUMBERS, will you please go see Danielle at Borders at The Mall?


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Rick Bylina said...

My college roommate's girlfriend lived in Eatontown across from the firehouse. Her dad was a fireman. This gives me an excuse to call him after four decades so that your books can move. I'm on it like barnacles on a book.

P.S. Austin is right. Cads fall in lust not love. For Austin to fall in love, he'd have to have a life altering event occur and shed one of his current habits regardless of whether love's promise gets filled.

P.P.S. In what book, "Big Oops", does Austin's red-headed 18-year-old son from a summer romance prior to his marriage show up?