Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sucking a Shoe

Unless you're a stockbroker, or living with one, you have no clue what "sucking a shoe" means. It's just a little reply we like to throw out there sometimes, usually when another broker asks us,"How are you doing?"

Okay? I mean, if my answer to that question is, "sucking a shoe," do I really need to explain? I mean, obviously. I'm sitting there, no sales pending, no ideas for even making another sales call. I ain't doing nothing good, man, I'm sucking a shoe. It can also mean EVERYthing is going badly, even our personal investments.

Well, our latest hot tip, Image Entertainment (DISK), is sucking a shoe. Drifting down, past even where I said I would sell. I wasn't paying attention. The Famous Author has been a maniac lately, trying to finish our third adventure, and he won't leave me alone. Yanking me out of my computer case at the strangest hours. Asking stupid stupid questions about knife fights, sleeping habits, and my feelings toward a fictional daughter I've only talked to in our stories. In short, he's distracted me from my investment management duties.

Gee, gang, looks like we're buried again in another loser. Here in central New Jersey, we're sucking a shoe.


Anonymous said...

you might need some moxatag from MBRK to cure your portfolio. take another look!!!!
you know who

Austin Carr said...

Corkface! TFA rode that puppy for 50 cents, but he never recommended Middlebrook to me. The bum. You need to feed your hot ones directly to me.