Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Redheads of the Week

Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man. As a stockbroker, even fictional, I understand fear vs. greed. It's the nature of all investment, maybe the nature of life itself, folks. You make your picks, you take your chances. But I stumbled on the ultimate last night, the final contest between fear vs. greed.

If you click on today's headline, you will be transported to something called "Redhead Date Link," where every visitor is promised to "Meet The Redhead Girl of Your Dreams Right Now."

And they have this nice, wholesome young woman--well, semi-wholesome--smiling at you.

Okay, that's the greed part. Fill out the application, and totally FREE, you can be introduced to thousands of beautiful redheaded women. Oh, man, Oh, Man. Oh, man.

But here's what I'm afraid they're really selling:

And I don't want to get locked up in that porn-site tango that happens everytime we try to look at naked women on the internet. That, friends, constitutes real fear. When The Famous Author first bought a computer years ago, we got locked up on a porn site for two days. Even turning the computer off didn't help.

What should I do?

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