Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Redhead of the Week

In 1963, a photographer for the BBC's Radio Times asked Jane Asher to pose with Paul McCartney. They began a five-year relationship, getting engaged in 1967. Redheaded Jane supposedly inspired many of McCartney's songs, such as "Here, There and Everywhere", "I'm Looking Through You", "You Won't See Me", "We Can Work It Out", "And I Love Her", "All My Loving" and "For No One" (all credited as Lennon/McCartney).

Lennon/McCartney penned the number one hit "A World Without Love" for her older brother Peter Asher (formerly of Peter & Gordon), now a record producer.

Jane's British TV appearances included three episodes (1956–1958) of the British TV series, The Adventures of Robin Hood (working alongside her brother Peter), and as a panellist on the BBC's Juke Box Jury.

Marianne Faithfull remembers McCartney and Asher "never getting on very well," and describes one evening when McCartney wanted a window to be open and Asher wanted it shut. McCartney would repeatedly get up and open the window and then Asher would get up and close it, although neither of them made any comment about it during the whole evening.

Sounds like a redhead to me.

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Thanks to Paul, Jane, and Wikipedia.

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