Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Name These Authors

The librarian in the clean white shirt Is Paul Schroeder of the Bound Brook Memorial Library. The subject this night was "New Jersey as a Setting for Mystery Novels." Yeah, yeah, that's TFA, second from the right. Who the heck do you think made me run this photograph? Clue: All are members of the New York Chapter, Mystery Writers of America.

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Austin Carr said...

To my question, who are these guys, I guess the answer is, who cares. And they ARE a sorry looking lot, eh? Sorry there, Ken, Chris, Jack, and Jeffrey. Famous faces, you're not. And listening to these guys talk from TFA's computer case that night, I'd say none of them (Ken Isaacson, Chris Grabenstein, and Jeffrey Cohen) have much interest in fame. Writers are weird.