Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last Day to Win Book & T-Shirt

Once more, The Famous Author hijacks my blog to hawk our book. As he reminds me, however, my future is more associated with product sales than his. TFA can always change his name and try a new series. Maybe a female, vampire cat who catches mean mice at the library.

So today is the last day of TFA's Big Contest. (He calls it #3 in the filing system.) TFA will accept email entries until midnight. The 10 best answers win stuff, and so far, he has 13 entries. Here's the way the question appears on his website, which is linked to the headline (You can go there to get a tip on the correct answer, or you could pay attention here):

A First Edition, signed hardcover copy of BIG MONEY, and a “Big Money World Tour Official Staff” T-Shirt, to the ten best entries. Answer the following: In my debut novel, BIG NUMBERS, what is the thing Austin first finds for Luis, and Luis later gives to Austin? Symbolically, what do you think the thing represents? Why? Okay, too tough? How about multiple choice. The thing is one of the following, (and it represents):

1. A revolver (violence)
2. A key (wisdom)
3. A lucky rock (faith)
4. A knife (manhood)
5. A bar of soap (soul cleansing)

Deadline for this contest will be April 31, 2008, and all decisions of the judge--Jack Getze--are final.

Send your entries to

Okay, I'm back. TFA has received nine more entries since begging two weeks ago, a total now, like I said, of 13. Also, note he states the deadline is April 31. Minor detail there is no April 31. I consulted Mr. Z, my mouthpiece, and he says TFA's probably okay legally, as in either case, May 1 is obviously too late.

Gosh, Mr. Z always makes sense. Wait until you see what he pulls off in BIG MOJO.

P.S. -- You know, the more I think about it, the more I like this vampire librarian cat idea. Only, what if TFA made it a tomcat who, besides catching mice and solving murders, lusts after redhaired females. Could his name be Austin?

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