Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kissing Bookseller Ass

I've been working under a false impression. I thought The Famous Author and I were trying to sell books, get people to fall in love with me. Keep our Austin Carr Series alive. Well, guess what? On the eve our departure for the Washington D.C. area, to attend one of the largest fan-attended mystery conventions anywhere, Malice Domestic, The Famous Author informs me that, no, we're trying to meet booksellers. INDEPENDENT booksellers. No chains at Malice.

"Selling you to readers one at a time ain't working, pal," TFA said last night. "We have to get bookstores working for us, recommending you to their customers."

What he said made a lot of sense. Especially at Malice Domestic where the room is full of independent booksellers, guys and gals who don't get big bucks from publishers for product placement, men and women who are willing to take a chance on a new author, People Who Stand Up The Little Guy!

Okay, maybe TFA got me carried away. But if you're looking for me and TFA at this year's Malice Domestic, check out the bookroom. Better believe I'll be with him, stuffed in that black computer case, helping him schmooze. In fact, I've already started. Click on the headline, KISSING BOOKSELLER ASS, and you will be taken to a BookSense search page for an independent store near you. And, if you use it, a surprise.

I'll probably also be there for his panel Sunday, at noon, strangely entitled "Me and My Shadow--Who is the Dr. Watson to these sleuths?" TFA will be sharing the cloth draped platform with Dean James, Barbara Graham, Linda O. Johnston, and Cathy Pickens, who obviously are authors, not sleuths. Aw, who cares. TFA was lucky to get on a panel. Malice Domestic draws the biggest and best names in mystery.

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