Tuesday, April 29, 2008

He Won't Come Out of the Bathroom

I can hear him in there, flopping around on the floor like a beached fish. Wailing. Sobbing. Cursing his fate.

The Famous Author is not happy. He thinks he didn't sell enough books today at MLB's Festival of Mystery. His fan, Bob the Big Reader, didn't show. And the librarians didn't fawn all over him at the afternoon tea. I mean, poor TFA. What a day, huh?

The man needs a life.

Although he did spend some time talking to these two women.
The redhead is Susan Goodwill, author, and former Redhead of the Week.

The brunette is Hallie Ephron, also an author, and TFA mentioned something about her being a reviewer for some big paper. I think her parents are famous, too.

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