Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Future Stars

The Famous Author met Lorin in 1998, but didn't drag me out of the computer case to meet her for seven years. Maybe he knew what would happen.

See, Lorin is one of those magical writers whose words make you fall in love with her. You want to read the note she left for the cleaners. Her poetry has been published all over the world, and her short stories have found a home in many literary magazines, anthologies, and spoken phone messages.

TFA got this one a few years ago: "When are you going to learn the spelling of my name, turkey?"

Note the rhythm, the subtext.

Unfortunately for us readers, Lorin spends most of her time helping other writers. It's how she earns her living. If you click on the headline FUTURE STARS, you can see her company's website and learn more about her editing services. TFA has used her several times. She's one of the reasons TFA finally got published and yours truly saw the light of day. But TFA and I--not to mention a myriad of her other friends and book agents--wish she drove a truck, or did night cleaning services. Anything but reading and writing. When she gets around to finishing her current novel project, the world will be in for a treat.

Lorin is the final member of TFA's hot Future Stars, his St. Pete Beach team of writers that gathered last January in South Florida. TFA, remember, claims his Fiesta de Fiction will go down in literary history like Paris in the 1920s. How did all those great writers end up in the same place at the same time? Previous Future Stars were Melissa, Brenda, Kim, and Jason.

Write, Lorin, write.


Lolo said...

Darling Austin... I think TFA has led you just a bit astray. The actual phrase was, "When are you going to learn to spell my name, DUMBASS," which while equally syllabic has just a soupcon more oomph, does it not?

This future star is grateful for the recognition and for the friendship!

Austin Carr said...

Dumbass sure suits him better, Lolo. I should have known he'd whitewash the truth.

I must also mention that your golden smile has attracted more readers today than ever before. I may have to run weekly features on your progress.

Lolo said...

I suppose that means I shall have to MAKE weekly progress, Austin!

Guess the true test is to see whether or not the numbers subside in a day or two. Then we'll really know my draw as a blog celeb! :-)