Sunday, April 27, 2008

Facing the Music

It's Sunday night, so this must be Pittsburgh. Not sure what happened to Malice Domestic and Arlington, VA. We were there. I'm sure of it. But push on, I say. Tomorrow it's The Mystery Lovers Book Shop's, Festival of Mystery, The Famous Author's Number One All-Time Favorite Event. He thinks he will be lavished with praise from the dozen or so readers who bought his book last year. I know I'm a loveable character, at least for many, but I'm a little worried about angry fans. I mean, what if that Kathy or Karen person shows up, the one who sent TFA his book back? For once, I'm glad I'll be in that computer case.

Click on the above headline for all the info on the Festival. Here's a list of the authors scheduled to attend this year's

Donna Andrews Vicki Delany Beverle Myers
Sarah Atwell Hallie Ephron T. Lynn Ocean
Deb Baker Kate Flora Jason Pinter
Aileen Baron Kathleen George Julia Pomeroy
Lorna Barrett Jack Getze Sara Rosett
Charles Benoit Susan Goodwill Mary Jo Rulnick
Miranda Bliss Kathryn Haines Sharon Short
Rhys Bowen R.J. Harlick George D. Shuman
Ellen Byerrum Rosemary Harris Andy Straka
Jane K. Cleland Mary Ellen Hughes Pari Noskin Taichert
Sheila Connolly Linda O. Johnston Marcia Talley
C.R. Corwin Diana Killian Heather Terrell
Ellen Crosby John Lamb Elaine Viets
Barbara D'Amato Con Lehane Sally Wright
Shirley Damsgaard Mary Jane Maffini Elizabeth Zelvin
Casey Daniels Nancy Martin Mark Zubro
C. William Davis III

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