Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why is This Man Smiling?

He seems like a nice enough guy. Quiet, polite, always wearing a smile. Except he keeps showing up at The Famous Author's obscure and lightly attended New Jersey book signings, never buying a book, never saying hello. He just takes a seat and smiles.

Is he a stalker? Seems unlikely. Your standard stalker profile usually calls for some minor contact between the stalker and his prey, but this man never speaks, or even asks a question. He just smiles.

Is he a paid shill of TFA's publisher? Maybe H&H is trying to make TFA feel better, hiring bodies to attend our signings. Not a bad idea, really. Especially if they'd buy a book or two. But considering H&H's controlled promo budget, I'd have to give this scenario little credibility.

Is it TFA's lost Uncle Ted? TFA says there does seem to be a family resemblence. Poor Uncle Ted went missing five years ago in the Yucatan, searching for Mayan artifacts, but he could have survived. Forgotten his name or something?

Nah. Truthfully, we don't know who this character is or why he's following us. But we appreciate his attendance at our events. It's always nice to see a familiar face.

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