Sunday, March 23, 2008

TFA Thinks BIG MONEY* Got Published

Regular readers are no doubt sick of our new book cover, and for you loyalists, I have wonderful news. This is it, probably the last time you'll see BIG MONEY's smiling red face in my posting space. Oh, I might figure a way to stick it over on the right somewhere, with BIG NUMBERS, but Austin Carr's Second Mystery will no longer be a subject of anticipation.

"I think we got published," The Famous Author said last night. "I got an email from Liz Clifford who told me she'd posted a review on Amazon. I went and checked, and sure enough, we're up there."

"How about BookSense, Powell's, and Barnes & Noble?"

"Not yet. But it's in the Ingram system."

*The tradepaper ISBN is 1-59133-239-7, the hardback 1-59133-238-9, and if you click on this blog's headline, you will be magically translinked to the Amazon page where you can purchase BIG MONEY. TFA and I prefer that you purchase all your books at independent booksellers, or the half dozen Border's outlets that stock BIG NUMBERS. But since nobody has the new one yet, feel free to support my continued existance online.

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