Thursday, March 27, 2008

Susan's Latest Fling

Of all the writers coming out of Writers Retreat Workshop lately, the one who seems most likely to follow in the footsteps of bestseller Janet Chapman is Susan Goodwill. Susan's debut last year, BRIGADOOM: A KATE LONDON MYSTERY, is still growing by word-of-mouth, and the sequel, LITTLE SHOP OF MURDERS, is racking up impressive early returns. In short, TFA's pal Susan is a big hit.

In the new one, Kate and Aunt Kitty are at the bank depositing their hard-earned fundraiser proceeds when Walter, a bathrobe-clad octogenarian, robs the bank using a banana. Kate and Kitty speed off in Kitty’s mammoth white 1974 Eldorado convertible to retrieve their funds, but find a dead body instead. Handsome Sheriff Ben arrives, but not until AFTER the murderers have come calling.

Things get stickier when the Treasury Department and a biker gang - the Devil’s Cheerleaders - get involved, too. Despite continuous misadventures - from Sausage Festival pandemonium to unsympathetic law enforcement officials in unattractive shoes to a malfunctioning giant man-eating plant from Splotski’s Theatre Rentals - Kate and Kitty are determined that the show must go on.

Sexy, sassy, and hilarious, it's easy to see why readers are taking to Kate London in droves. Click on the headline SUSAN'S LATEST FLING to find her website.

Here's a stock blurb on our gal: Susan Goodwill, who lives in Michigan, has been involved in community theatre for years. She is a graduate of the Writers Retreat Workshop and a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America. Little Shop Of Murders is her second novel.

Here's the real skinny: The woman has a shoe fetish.


Susan Goodwill said...

Oh dear. Now WHERE did you get that picture?
And is that TFA's shoe I am wearing????

Austin Carr said...

I took this shot from inside TFA's computer case to prove he's getting bald. The poor guy is in denial. I have no clue whose white sneaker you're wearing, but TFA definitely has on your footwear. Maybe I'm accusing the wrong person of having the fetish.

BIG congrats on the new book, Susan.