Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Redhead of the Week

M.J. Rose is a bestselling author, a leading blogger in the world of publishing, a remarkably successful business woman, and--of course--a strawberry blonde. Her latest thriller, THE REINCARNATIONIST, is MJ's ninth novel and a major hit. Her top-ranked blog, BUZZ, BALLS & HYPE, is saved on thousands of internet browsers. She has more small businesses (primarily for authors) than the Collinswood Auction. And--ahem!--her writing fans claim she delivers incredible sex scenes.

You can click on REDHEAD OF THE WEEK and go to MJ's website, but unfortunately, The World's Greatest Woman is married.

The Famous Author and I met MJ over the internet last year when TFA was heavily into promoting BIG NUMBERS, his debut novel featuring yours truly. And last month, MJ went out of her way to help TFA through a serious promotional crisis which we will not describe in public forums. That's the way MJ asked my boss to pay her back. Tell no one!

I know what you wicked people are thinking. This is not the case. We have never been in the physical presence of MJ, nor do we ever expect to. Well, unless she invites us to one of her booksignings or something. No, the favor she did for TFA involved promotion for our second adventure, BIG MONEY.

Thanks, MJ. And congrats on the new bestseller.

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