Monday, March 17, 2008

Our Favorite Books

STICK is classic Elmore Leonard, The Famous Author's favorite author. The good guy isn't really so good, just better than the bad guys trying to kill him. Best scene in the book is the best scene in the movie, too.

Here's the blurb: After serving time for armed robbery, Ernest "Stick" Stickley is back on the outside and trying to stay legit. But it's tough staying straight in a crooked town -- and Miami is a pirate's paradise, where investment fat cats and lowlife drug dealers hold hands and dance. And when a crazed player chooses Stick at random to die for another man's sins, the struggling ex-con is left with no choice but to dive right back into the game. Besides, Stick knows a good thing when he sees it -- and a golden opportunity to run a very profitable sweet revenge scam seems much too tasty to pass up.

That best scene? When a huge, mean ex-bodyguard wants his job back, and Stick's the guy who took it. It happens at a big fancy party, and Stick's new boss--and the crowd of hotshots--want to see what Stick can do with a guy twice his size. Stick uses a can of lighter fluid and a match to send the big man packing.

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