Friday, March 7, 2008

New Author Breakfast

The Famous Author and I have an hour to shower, shave, and get dressed for TFA's "one minute pitch" this morning at Left Coast Crime's New Author Breakfast. "Give readers one unique thing to remember about your novel."

Oh, gee. One thing, huh? I hope TFA doesn't mention breasts again. I'm thinking the tuna--a guy getting murdered by a 600-pound live tuna.

Other "new" authors spouting pitches include: C.J. Lyons, Michelle Gagnon, J.T. Ellison, Barbara Graham, Beth Groundwater (nominated for a Lefty), Rosemary Harris, Ken Isaacson, Marc Louis Lecard, and a dozen others.

I'll report later on who wowed the audience. There's no wifi in the meeting room, so I can't go live.

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