Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mystery Writer Needs Bodies

Once in a while, as opposed to once upon a time, The Famous Author hijacks my blog. He says he's the boss, that if I don't run some story or feature he wants here, he'll kill me off in the next adventure and start a new series. And since I like to think I'm tough, but not stupid, I always go along.

Today is one of those times. First, I have to tell you about his stupid contest. Click on the headline, "Mystery Writer Needs Bodies," go to TFA's website. Under CURRENT NEWS, you will find the incredibly complex question you must answer to win a T-shirt and a signed hardback copy of BIG MONEY. The good news: TFA said he would give away prizes to ten winners, but so far only four people have entered, and the deadline's less than a month away. Send in a shopping list and you'll probably win a free shirt and book. Just write contest #3 on the A&P slip.

Second, TFA says I have to mention next weekend. We are appearing at the New York Mercantile Library Thursday night, April 3, as a member of the Mystery Writers of America, New York Chapter. The mystery writers are part of a month-long celebration of The Maltese Falcon by Dashiel Hammett. Friday night, April 4, TFA and I participate in small press authors night at the big Barnes & Noble Bronx store in the Bay Plaza Shopping Center. And on Saturday, April 5, we expect to record big sales during a 1-3 pm stint at Borders Express in our hometown Monmouth Mall.

TFA wanted me to list all the details--phone numbers, times, addresses--but screw him. If you need that stuff, click on the "Our Very Latest Travel Schedule" headline at the top of the right column.

Hope you're happy, boss. BSP sucks.

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