Thursday, March 6, 2008

When Will He Learn?

We were doing so well. The Famous Author started out great answering questions on the Left Coast Crime panel, "Dying is Easy, Laughs are Hard." He was lively, witty, and did a nice job of talking about our book. Of course he was. I was there with him, feeding him lines from the computer case. About 50 mystery fans packed the small hotel meeting room to hear TFA, Jess Loury, Mario Acevedo, and the real star, Marc Lecard, author of the much acclaimed VINNY'S HEAD.

So everything is fine, going great, and then TFA gets it in his brain that I'm bothering him, that my interjections and prompts are distracting. Much to my amazement, TFA shuts the computer case and goes it alone.

Need I say more? Can you guess what disasters followed. Maybe if I just give you one sample:

Question from the floor: "What are your character's main interests?"

TFA says: "Well, Austin likes women's breasts a lot."

True, TFA, but not exactly what you want to say to a room full of middle aged women.


Rick Bylina said...

Sounds like something I'd do too. 99.9% brilliant and politically correct, and then the only thing anyone remembers is the tiny silly off remark...even if it's true.

My condolences on your career.

Austin Carr said...

TFA is undaunted. The guy actually sold and signed three books after that fiasco.