Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Look Out Left Coast

Here we come! The Famous Author told me last night I'm going with him to Denver, leaving today as a matter of fact, weather permitting. TFA is off to hunt new readers at Left Coast Crime, one of Mysterydom's top annual conventions. Unlike some of the places TFA takes me, LCC attracts hundreds of avid mystery readers. And of course, with so much at stake, TFA wants me close at his side.

TFA appearances include a Thursday panel on humorous mysteries, an impromtu Friday panel, and a quick one-minute stint in front of a crowd, a special for rookies. Something called the New Authors Breakfast.

As I pack my bag, however, lightning and thunder and shake the office where TFA keeps me. Wind blows the rain sideways outside my one small window.

Better call the hotel and check the airline.

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Lolo said...

Go get 'em, Austin (and Jack)!! Can't wait for further reports.