Thursday, March 6, 2008

LCC Update--Breakfast with Neil

The LCC registration desk wasn't open yet, so we had breakfast with another mystery writer we know, Neil Plakcy, and his character, Kimo Kanapaka. We mentioned Neil's Mahu series in an earlier post, and it turns out his third, Mahu Fure, is set for publication April 1. Kimo told us about the new story while the authors bitched and moaned about how tough the business is.

Here's what Kimo told me:

Six months have passed since Honolulu homicide detective Kimo Kanapaka'a's return to Honolulu from his undercover assignment on the North Shore. He's becoming more comfortable with his visibility as Honolulu's only openly gay cop, including mentoring a group of gay teens.

Kimo, his family and friends are attending a local charity event in support of gay marriage when a bomb disrupts the gala. Kimo is determined to find out who feels strongly enough against the issue to kill-- but it's possible that his high profile will stand in his way.

With hunky fireman Mike Riccardi at his side—day and night—Kimo digs through the ashes to find that not only is heat dangerous for the heart, but that fire can burn through the hottest of motives.

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