Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Future Stars

Jason just finished his novel, and now calmly works on a new one. Soon, the telephone will ring. Fame and fortune will be his.

So says The Famous Author, once again touting his St. Pete Beach team of writers that gathered last January in South Florida. TFA, remember, claims his Fiesta de Fiction will go down in literary history like Paris in the 1920s. How did all those great writers end up in the same place at the same time? Previous Future Stars were Melissa, Brenda, and Kim.

We don't know much about Jason's novel. TFA read parts of it years and year ago. All he remembers is a corn field. But we know Jason can deal words like a card shark. He and TFA have been pals since 1998 when they started Writers Retreat Workshop together. Now Jason runs the joint.

Will he still have time for us when he makes The Bigtime?

Yup. That's Jason.


Rick Bylina said...

I dunno. He looks pretty serious in that picture.

Austin Carr said...

That's Jason secret with the ladies, you know. He looks SO serious. And then when he's got their guard down, pow...make them laugh.

The man should give classes.