Thursday, March 6, 2008

Denver in the Morning

It's Thursday, March 6, so we must be in Denver.

We're at the Adam's Mark Hotel on Court Street. It's still a little early for the convention to get started--about 7 am--so I thought I'd just jump on here and tell you what I am planning.

Gee, who's that in the extra bed?

I'm thinking, why should you guys wait for nightly updates? Why not broadcast live? Why not give my readers a running exposition and commentary on this event AS IT TAKES PLACE? Huh? Why not? I can't cover everything, of course. So much is happening at the same time. But as long as there's wireless in the convention rooms, I should be able to give you a real taste and feel for Left Coast Crime 2008, Murder on the Rocks.

It's an experiment. Let's see what happens. The Famous Author and I have our first panel this afternoon, but I'll be back online before then and review this morning's activities.

See you later!

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