Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Three Pigs in a Blanket

When The Famous Author was a kid, once in a while his family would go out for breakfast. TFA always ordered sausage and pancakes, and at the joint where they went, each sausage came wrapped in its own pancake. Three pigs in a blanket. TFA was talking about this the other day, and I just couldn't help pointing out the similarity to our stock portfolio.

"We have one pig," I said. "OEGY. And it's wrapped in a shroud. Done. Dead. Buried."

Other things must be bothering TFA because he exploded on me. He said if I was sick of OEGY, I should go ahead and sell it. If I wanted to run the portfolio, I should feel free. At that point, TFA stormed from the office.

Wow. I had no idea he was so touchy about picking losers. You'd think with all his experience, he'd know how to take it like a man. So anyway, now that I'm in charge of the investments around here, I've been looking at a couple of other pigs for our consideration.

Leave a comment if you want to have a say in what this fictional stockbroker buys for his semi-fictional portfolio. (I think TFA actually buys these shares at the stated price.)

Okay, first up is Open Energy Corp. (OEGY). TFA says it's building new bases with each of the last two legs up. We should hold on, he thinks, and hopefully get most of our money back.

Mr. C., who all last year correctly told us the worst of the subprime fiasco was still in the pipeline, thinks we should pick Middlebrook Pharmaceutical (MBRK), which just won Federal go-ahead on a new drug delivery system, and hired Morgan Stanley to increase shareholder value.

Mr. C is thinking merger, a deal that could net us $6 a share.

Mr. C makes MBRK sound very tempting. But I'm kind of hot for Image Entertainment Inc. (DISK). Mr. B gave us this one last week at $1.25 and man did it jump yesterday. Up 36 cents to $1.80.

Mr. B., well known for giving TFA the famous treasure stock (OMEX), thinks DISK could go right back to that $3.50 level.

I want to sell all of our OEGY pig and buy one of these last two oinkers. But which one?

Anybody want to chime in?

Thanks to E-Trade.

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