Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sneak Peak at OUR New Ad

You're looking at Mystery Scene Magazine's next back cover. If you can't read the copy, click on this site's upper, right-column link where it says "BIG MONEY is Due March 1" and you can read the same boiled down piece of prologue TFA read aloud in manuscript form at Writer's Retreat Workshop two years ago. Ms. Shotgun wearing only athletic socks.

A very nice lady named Kate designed this ad. Notice the sudden prominence of MY NAME in the marketing. Guess who's the star, huh? Is it really TFA? I don't think so.


corkface said...

nice cover. it a winner!!!

Austin Carr said...

Hey, Corkface. What are you doing here? We're having an economic discussion on yesterday's post.

corkface said...

had to compliment TFA or he might get mad at both of us and then you won't exist anymore.

Rick Bylina said...

Outstounding, Austin, but TFA's name is still in large typesize than yours. You'll get there though when your name is above his on the marquee when the movie comes out in 2011.

Man of action. Man of finance. Every redheaded woman's dream man.

Well sort of, I guess.

Write on!