Sunday, February 17, 2008

French Poodle Investments

The Barking Dog stock of all recent Austin Carr portfolios is Open Energy Corp. (OTCBB: OEGY). We are down so bad, we can't get out. We committed The Big No-No (Not a bad title, eh?) for stock traders. Never stick with a loser. Get out, take your losses. You don't want to EVER get plastered like The Crimes of Austin Carr's own Hot-Tip portfolio has been plastered with Open Energy. I call this puppy Open Your Wallet.

In case anyone cares, OEGY's business is solar technologies, including PV tiles, roofing membranes, custom architectural glass panels, as well as integrated inverters and web-based monitoring systems.

Inverters sound good. How about it, Mr. S? Can we invert the stock a little more?

Actually, as you can more closely see in this three-month chart, The Barking Dog has been has been acting better lately, in part due to Mr. S's planned appearance at a key conference for small cap technology firms.

Here's the headline and summary I pulled off E-Trade along with the charts. (Thanks, guys.)

"Open Energy announced today that David Saltman, the Company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, will participate in the Piper Jaffray Third Annual Clean Technology and Renewables Conference to be held on Wednesday, February 20, 2008, at The New York Palace, New York, NY."

Let's hope Mr. S has something positive to say about our company's future. The market seems hopeful.

Also helping the stock last week were some kind words from a penny stock newsletter.

Although it's nice to see the stock back at 43 cents, our account is still deeply in red, and we should have sold months ago when we realized our hunch about the double-top at 72 cents might be accurate. The limit should have been set and followed. But, no. We had to hang on, following a pattern many amateur traders follow. We kept thinking our decision would turn out right. All we had to do was be patient.

In fact, I still think I'm right. Solar energy is hot. OEGY has been getting a few contracts. I'm sticking and riding this puppy higher off these lows.

How about it, Mr. S. Can you bail us out of a mishandled trade?

(Thanks again to ETrade)

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