Saturday, February 9, 2008

Meet Iris, Bookseller of the Year

The Famous Author wanted to write this story about Iris of the Rediscovered Bookshop in Boise, Idaho, but I couldn't let him. He's too emotional. It wouldn't be an objective account. Frankly, the words LOVE and ADORATION just don't seem to cover all of TFA's feelings for this woman.

See, Iris met TFA last June on our Big Numbers World Tour. When she read his book later, she not only liked it (me in particular), darn if she didn't make BIG NUMBERS one of her monthly picks. She wrote about us for the bookstore's newsletter, ran TFA's picture, and hand-sold quite a few copies of our debut mystery.

But for TFA, Cupid's arrow reached all the way to his heart last week when Iris wrote to say she liked BIG MONEY even more than BIG NUMBERS, and that she'd submitted a rave review of our second mystery to a national group of independent bookstores. I tried to tell TFA it was me, Austin Carr, she liked, not him, but TFA is beside himself.

I'm pretty excited about Iris, too, but at least I can speak unemotionally about this incredibly smart, attractive, articulate, regal, and big-hearted woman.

Iris works for Bruce and Laura Delaney there in Boise. The Rediscovered Bookshop features very personal help, a huge children's section, and a nice supply of mysteries thanks to Laura and Iris. Bruce digs sci-fi, if I remember right.

At the time, TFA was still hiding me in his computer case.

One thing we've learned this past year, entering the gladiator pit of publishing, if big New York publishers and big chain bookstores had their way, readers would be offered about a dozen writers. That's where the revenues are. That's where the profits are. Big names, big books.

All readers and writers who cherish a wider choice should support independent bookstores. Find out what's new and different and good from the people who know and love books.

In particular, Rediscovered Bookshop is a great place to buy books. In person, or online at

My life depends on readers finding me, and people like Iris, Laura, and Bruce make that happen. Thank you!

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Rick Bylina said...

Rediscovered is a bit too far for me to get to, but I do get to Quail Ridge in Raleigh. In fact, I belong to their mystery reader's group.

Oooh, oooh, idea.

"Big Names, Big Bucks" as a titled for a future Austin Carr mystery where he's tapped by a big name with red hair ('natch) to handle her big bucks and after a glorious night playing spoons, he wakes up and he's saddled with her note that asks for his help and to protect her four-month old baby. Austin can't resist. The kid's a redhaired beaut who likes to start off her bottle with her nipple dipped in beer. Her story? How the heck should I know, but I bet it involves a sushi restaurant where Austin has to eat raw tuna or the business end of a gun.